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Cables Tapes Industry

Tecnoservice has been present in the European market for the last two decades, and over the time it specialized in the production of flexible tapes (both plastic & multilayer) used to tape, shield, isolate and identify electrical cables. Today, the company has developed a broad product range and is the main supplier of the best cables and wires production industries of the Italian market.


Tecnoservice also pride itself of a rapid and efficient manufacturing process and is committed to working closely with customers to provide solutions that are effective and advanced. The company ensures a fast after sales service to ensure high reliability and consistent quality of its products.


Our products are designed to meet high performance and strict security requirements. From data transmission and coaxial cables, which require an excellent shielding, to fire-proof cable which have to endure very high temperatures, Tecnoservice shares its expertise to provide the best solution to our customers' requests.

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